K-Chill Instant Kratom Extract Coffee. 2 Flavors Available.

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michael H.
great products - effective fast

great products - effective fast working highly recommended

Thanks for the review, Michael! Glad the instant coffee packs work for you.

Amy M.
Exceeded my expectations :+1::skin-tone-3:

I ordered a single packet of the vanilla toffee caramel flavor just to give it a try. I figured the effects would be great because I have come to trust the K-Chill house brand, but I was skeptical about the flavor. You have won me over again! The kratom flavor was virtually undetectable, and the overall flavor of the drink was excellent. (I drank it iced.) this would be an excellent addition to a milkshake or smoothie. For the price point, it’s comparable to other kratom shots. This would be a terrific alternative for anyone who simply cannot stand the usual tincture taste.

Thanks for the review, Amy! Glad the flavor exceeded your expectations!

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