We have teamed up with Navidium Shipping Protection to protect your purchase from being lost, stolen or damaged. This service is ON by default. If you turn it OFF then you assume all the risk of your order being stolen, lost or damaged.
All claims will have to go through Navidium Shipping Protection, if selected, or your shipping carrier if Navidium Shipping Protection is not selected. No exceptions. We must be notified of loss, theft, or damage within 3 business days of delivery date. If notified outside of this time frame, your claim will be at risk for denial.

We'll keep this as simple as possible. Order & Pay by 2pm PST Monday thru Friday or by 12pm on Saturday and your order will ship out that same day 100% of the time!

We offer Five Shipping options @ checkout. All are based off of business days and Weekends and Holidays ARE NOT included:

Standard  USPS/FedEx/UPS    5-7 business days for Delivery
Fast          USPS/FedEx/UPS    4 Business days for Delivery
Faster       USPS/FedEx/UPS    3 Business Days for Delivery
Fastest     USPS/FedEx/UPS    2 Business Days for Delivery
Ultimate    FedEx/UPS              1 Business Day for Delivery

After the order leaves one of our warehouses and your tracking information goes active, it's in the Shipping Carriers hands.  All the above time frames are Non Guaranteed and Estimates Only that are provided by the shipping carriers.

After your order has left our warehouse, you will need to either contact your shipping carrier directly regarding your shipment and on-time performance.

Almost all orders we ship show up in the time specified above. A few do not. Shipping Carriers do not share with us WHY a shipment may have a delay, so don't reach out to us since we can't answer your shipping question after it's left our warehouses anyway. 

We DO NOT respond to questions related to shipping after it leaves our warehouses. We also do not offer refunds if your carriers on-time performance is not to up to par. We incur additional expense to ship it to you to via your preference. No exceptions!



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